mt. bike track

Mountain bike options:

  1. 1.Four Peaks Adventure Track -   covers approx.41 kms, over 3 days/ 2 nights ($375)pp suitable for experienced mountain bikers on either standard MTBs or e-bikes. 

    It begins with 17kms of shingle public road followed

    with 2.5kms Day 2, and 22 kms Day 3, of high country

    riding on well-marked 4WD farm tracks.

  1. 2.Four Peaks Leisure Track -  41 kms, over 4days/

    3 nights  ($415pp) suitable for experienced mountain

    bikers on either  standard MTBs or e-bikes. 

    It begins with 17kms of shingle public road followed

    with 2.5kms Day 2,

    10kms Day 3, & 12kms

    Day 4, of high country

    riding on well-marked

    4WD farm tracks.

mountain biking track
 “The ride was unlike anything we have experienced before for a couple of townie 
bikers like ourselves. The experience will stay with us for a very long time. The ride offered an amazing challenge and left us with an awesome sense of achievement. 
Thanks for that opportunity”.                                      
                   ..... Vicki Welsh  CHRISTCHURCH, NZ

Your Itinerary ...

Option 1.   Four Peaks Adventure - for mountain bikes &/or E-bikes

On Day 1 check in between 6.00 - 8:00pm at  Four Peaks Station 126 Clayton Settlement Road, Fairlie.  

Your 1st night’s accommodation is here in the Station Huts.  This is where you will leave your vehicle and begin and end your biking trip.  There will be a MTB Track safety 'briefing' that evening.

Next morning, your Day 2 ride is a distance of 17 kms on shingle public road (Clayton & Mowbray Rds), then 2.5kms on 4WD track to Sutherland’s Hut for your 2nd night.

Your Day 3 ride is a distance of approx.21 kms (5-7 hours) over Jumpover Saddle and completing the circuit back to the start at Four Peaks Station.  This completes the ride in 3 days and 2 nights.

Option 2.   Four Peaks Leisure - for mountain bikes &/or E-bikes

As Option 1. until your Day 3 ride which is only 10 kms to Devil’s

Creek Hut for night 3.  However, on the way to the Hut, you have the

option of leaving your bike at Jumpover Sdadle & taking a 2-3hour

walk to summit Devil’s Peak for that amazing panoramic view.   

The following day Day 4. you bike the final 12kms back to base.

What you need to bring on your ride ...

A standard trampers backpack for your food, sleeping bag

and spare clothes, this will be transported to the huts for you.

A comfortable small day-pack to carry your lunch, water, bike

repair kit & spare tyre, wet weather gear and camera!

Sensible worn-in biking shoes; water proof jacket; woollen hat; sun hat. The weather can change rapidly in the high country, so it is important to have warm clothes. There are several small creeks to cross so you will get wet feet and wheels. Bring at least one change of clothes. Drying facilities at the huts include open fire/ fireboxes and drying racks.

It is important to carry a water bottle or backpack hydration system, and drink regularly whilst riding to avoid dehydration. The streams you cross have pristine water (guaranteed by musterers over the years!) where you can fill up your bottles. There is clean drinking water at each hut. Regular water testing is not carried out, however if you are concerned you can boil the water for at least 3 minutes first.

A good quality sleeping bag - comfortable beds, pillows and clean pillow-slips, are provided.

Personal equipment such as toilet gear (including insect repellent, sun block, basic first aid kit

for blisters and other minor ailments); torch; sunglasses; camera; towel.

You need to have a reasonable to good level of fitness as the track takes in a variety of grades from easy terrain to uneven ground, steep up-hill and down-hill sections,

tussock grassy vegetation cover, to shale and stones.

Spare bike parts including tubes, tyres and the tools to use them.

Sufficient food for the 4 days with plenty of nutritional snacks for during the ride. The huts are fully equipped with cooking utensils and gas burners.

Your sense of adventure and appreciation for our country’s wonderful outdoor environment.

Please take care not to litter, and take all rubbish and wrappings with you to the huts where they can be disposed of.

Pack Transport ...

Pack transport is included in the mountain bike price.  A ‘pack’ is a standard tramper’s back-pack.

Groups of 4 or more are welcome to bring one chilly-bin (esky) for food, at no extra cost.

Any extra chilly-bins or bags will incur a charge of $10 per item.

Make an enquiry today!  Either MTB option is a truly challenging and satisfying experience!

Both options take you through native tussock and alpine terrain of the Four Peaks range, in the South Island of NZ.  You may need to push your bike in some steeper uneven terrain sections.  These sections need particular care with sound bike braking systems for the down-hill. 

Take the ‘oomphh’ out of Mountain biking and bring an E-bike

for your trip!  It is advisable to bring a spare battery if you can. 

There is a generator at Sutherland’s Hut to charge bikes/batteries.

An E-bike puts a smile on your ride!

You will stay in authentic shepherds’ huts that have been restored and upgraded for your comfort! 

A maximum of 10 riders (and a minimum of 3 per group) can be accommodated and bike the Track

on any one day.  Your beds are guaranteed.

Your Packs are transported to the huts for you, but you need to bring a small day back-pack for food, wet weather gear, water to drink, and any necessary spare tyres/tools/ or parts.

To ride this Track you must have previous MTB experience (competence at changing tyres etc.)

and a good level of fitness is essential.