Four peaks 
       high country track

Four Peaks High Country Track is a walking, tramping, hiking and/or mountain biking experience, situated on our working high country sheep station, near Fairlie, South Canterbury.

We are 20 kilometres north of Fairlie and 2 hours south of Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand.

We no longer offer the original 50+ kilometre 5Day/4night walk, but our shorter three day/night track is still an amazing opportunity to experience a South Island high country station.

Enquiries welcome
    Phone 03-6854848 or 0274-547289
 A unique three days walk or bike ride in New Zealand’s    
 high country paradise and staying in upgraded
 shepherd’s huts

Disclaimer: Four Peaks High Country Track Ltd. has taken all practicable steps to ensure that no hazard that arises in the vicinity to the Walking/Biking/riding Track harms walkers/bikers/riders or any other visitors/customers. However being on the track is entirely at your own risk. Responsibility will not be taken by Four Peaks High Country Track Ltd., or any Four Peaks Station Ltd. employees, for losses, damages, injuries, sickness, or expenses incurred by, during, or in conjunction with walking/biking/riding the Four Peaks High Country Track or any other activity on Four Peaks Station. All vehicles left on the premises are at the driver's own risk and Four Peaks High Country Track Ltd. accepts no responsibility for damages to vehicles or loss of property from vehicles. Four Peaks High Country Track Ltd. reserves the right to make any alterations in the interest of safety or other unforeseen circumstances.

I declare that I am physically fit and have no condition or injury that could be affected by the walk/ride.

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